ALG Connect: Work Around for September Labeling List - (L004 and L010)

September 14, 2023



Work Around for September

Labeling List - (L004 and L010)



Zip CODES were inadvertently omitted from the September publication of the EELLS Labeling List.  For the month of September, please note the following corrections to Labeling List L004 and L010:

  • Mailers will need to manually add the 3-digit ZIP CODE 847 to Labeling List L004, ADC LAS VEGAS NV 890.
    • The label should read as follows: ADC LAS VEGAS NV 890            
      • ZIP CODE range 847, 864, 889-891, 893


  • Mailers will need to manually add MXD RICHMOND 230 to Labeling List L010. 

All corrections for both L004 and L010 will be corrected in the October 1st publication of all Labeling Lists, with an effective date of November 1st.


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