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September 26, 2023




2024 USPS Mailing Promotions Guidebooks



2024 Promotions Update 



We are excited to announce that we have received PRC approval for the 2024 Mailing Promotions. The mailing promotion guidebooks currently published for 2024 can found on the “Promotions” PostalPro page at


The promotion guidebooks provide a fast and convenient way for users to access content for each promotion.  Essential information regarding discounts, important dates, enrollment, eligibility, and other information are accessible through clickable links. If you are looking for a specific guidebook containing promotion requirements, please click on the relevant PostalPro link below. 


Note: The 2024 Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion Guidebook is currently in draft form pending system development to the “choose your start date” offering and will be finalized soon. Please check for updates on PostalPro at







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